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Nicki + Josh | Olympic National Park, WA {Lilliwaup Couple's Session}

Nicki + Josh were one of the incredible couples that modeled for us at the Alpine Northwest Photography Workshop this year. Unfortunately, we only got to spend about 20 minutes shooting each couple, but man I could have photographed these two all day, all night. 

San Francisco Trip | June 2016 {Travel + Adventure Photography}

Last month, Michael and I went with my Aunt Christine, Uncle Duane, and cousin Jake, to California for Copa America Centenario. Friday we saw the US play Colombia and Monday we saw Argentina vs. Chile. We stayed four days in San Jose and took the train everywhere, including a day in San Francisco and a tour of Alcatraz. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the Golden Gate Bridge because by the time we got back from Alcatraz and ate dinner, we had to start making our way back to San Jose while the public transportation was still available. So we will definitely have to go back soon and stay in San Francisco so we can be sure to see everything! As usual, my go-to travel camera is my Canon AE-1 35 mm film camera because I don't have to worry about breaking or losing it, but this time, we had an accidental light leak, which you will be able to see in some of the photos, and completely ruined a couple of my favorite shots from Alcatraz. Oops! I guess that's why I do all of my client work in with digital. Enjoy! :)

Sedona Trip | May 2016 {Travel + Adventure Photography}

Last month, Michael and I took a little weekend trip to Sedona. It was so nice to just get away for a few days and enjoy nature and each other's company. My husband doesn't count it as "hiking" if you stay on a path so our weekend was a little more adventurous than I expected, but it was a blast (sunburns and all)! I told him I would follow him off the path ONLY if he didn't complain when I stopped to take pictures ;)