Your love is an adventure and I want to be your storyteller...

I'm not one for many words. But I've always had a love for stories.

Photography is my passion and my outlet. It allows me to create and to communicate the things I cannot find words for.

If you're like me, your love is not something that can be truly expressed through words.

It must be seen. It must be felt.

When your wedding day is over, you will be left with two things to remember it by: the love of your life, and the photographs. When your future selves want to express how you felt on this day, I don't want you to be at a loss for words. I want you to be able to grab the album off of your coffee table and say, "see for yourself."

The most important thing to me is to tell your story in a way that authentically captures the raw and real emotions of the day. I'll be there to document the beautiful way you look at each other when you think nobody else is watching.


What is important to me...

  • Intention over tradition

  • Adventure over perfection

  • Intimacy over giant guest lists of people you hardly know

  • Emotion over elaborate productions

  • Vulnerability over inauthenticity

  • Connection over expectations

If you are more worried about what your wedding day will FEEL like, then what it will LOOK like, I think we will be great friends. You only get to do this once, so let’s make it meaningful!


A Little more About Me...

I'm a twenty-something tree lover who grew up in Las Vegas, NV. (See the problem there?) My husband and I relocated to Seattle, WA in order to be closer to Mother Earth. My favorite days are those that take me out in the middle of nature with nothing but my gear and a couple that is fiercely in love. 

I love to travel, see new places, meet new people, and experience new things. And then when it's all said and done, I adore the feeling of returning to my cozy home. I am an INFJ - an introvert at heart - an observer. I don't always have something to say, but prefer to stand back and take in what's going on around me and appreciate each person in the room for who they truly are. I think this translates really well to my photography; I see the big picture and recognize the small, unnoticed moments that often mean the most. 

My other favs include my fur baby Jet, hiking, true crime podcasts (where my Murderinos at?!?), thunder storms, The Office, eclectic boho and 70's vibes, fiction novels, and foggy PNW mornings.

I love adventure. I love love.  I love people. 

And I would LOVE to hear from you.


Life + Love of Kamra



Love is kind.

We do not discriminate against your love. It breaks our hearts that you would ever have to feel afraid to press send in fear of rejection from a wedding vendor just because your love looks different than theirs. LGBTQ+ couples always welcome here!