Kelsey + Shelby | Las Vegas, NV {Elegant + Romantic Wedding in Downtown Las Vegas}

Kelsey + Shelby's wedding day was one of the sweetest, most relaxed and enjoyable wedding days I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. The whole day was filled with this love that you could literally see, and it multiplied any time these two were in the same room. The details were gorgeous, the music was incredible, and most importantly, Kelsey + Shelby were focused on each other - like "what can I do in this moment to make sure this is the best day of her life?" kind of focused on each other. As you scroll through these images, I hope you can connect with the feelings and emotions that I had the honor of documenting on this beautiful day.

Nicki + Josh | Olympic National Park, WA {Lilliwaup Couple's Session}

Nicki + Josh were one of the incredible couples that modeled for us at the Alpine Northwest Photography Workshop this year. Unfortunately, we only got to spend about 20 minutes shooting each couple, but man I could have photographed these two all day, all night. 

Hanging Gardens | Black Diamond, WA {Travel + Adventure Photography}

Our very favorite thing since moving to Washington is finding new hikes and beautiful spots for photoshoots. A few weeks ago Michael and I (and Maverick of course) scouted out this gorgeous little hike to Hanging Gardens in Black Diamond, WA. It was such a peaceful, rainy afternoon spent together in our beloved PNW.

JM Boudoir Session | Las Vegas, NV

"I couldn't believe that was me in the pictures I was looking at! I think when you see yourself every day in the mirror, you become so desensitized. You knit pick yourself, and you pick out all of the negatives. Everything about my gallery was beautiful and classy. I got a little emotional seeing myself like that. Who knew I could look that amazing and be so confident just the way I am?"

Vignesh + Niveditha | Issaquah, WA {Squak Mountain Couple's Session}

Vignesh and Niveditha were so fun photograph and get to know! We hiked around Squak Mountain and found some gorgeous spots to document their newlywed love. The springtime greenery here in western WA is just unbelievable! I am so excited to be living in this beautiful state and to keep meeting amazing people like these two!

MT Boudoir Session | Las Vegas, NV

After competing in a bodybuilding show it was difficult for me to accept that I couldn't maintain that physique all of the time. I struggled with my body image and decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone and do it to see myself in a positive way. The pictures were stunning, they made me realize that I was beautiful exactly how I was.

Chris + Cassidy | Henderson, NV {Styled Elopement Session}

I was out hiking one day when I came across this spot and had a creative vision that I just needed to get out of my head and out into the world. I asked Cassidy and Chris to model for me because, well, they're hot #amiright? Being in the Vegas valley at the time, we definitely were not planning on the rain, so I did not get all of the shots I planned on, especially the details, because I felt bad making my models stand out in the freezing wind and rain for too long, but it was still totally worth it! We almost rescheduled the session, but my gut told me to just go for it and I am soooooo glad I listened because this moody fog and soft lighting completely blew me away. It definitely reinforced a lesson I have learned time and time again - no matter what the conditions are, just get out there, take in the scene, feel the mood of the moment and just go with it and most of the time you end up with something amazing that you never could have created on purpose. That's a pretty cool feeling.

Madi + Dano | Flaming Geyser Couple's Session {Auburn, WA}

These newly weds are two of the best people I know. My sister in-law Madi, and her hubby Dano have such big hearts and so much love for each other. He looks at her in the sweetest of ways and makes her giggle like I have never seen before, and you can tell that she just feels so at home in his arms.

I could honestly spend all day documenting their endless love <3